Dave Hadley Photography | Frequently asked questions

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So who are you?

My name is Dave. My wife is Kelly. Find out more about us here.


What defines your style? What type of photography do you do?

Do you take traditional wedding photographs?

Do you still take posed portraiot photos?

What equipment do you use?

When should we book the date of our wedding with you?

Can you hold a date with us?

When do you require payment?

The wedding has been cancelled :-( Can I have my deposit back?

Will you travel to our wedding? Are there travel costs?

Are you insured?

Are there discounts for off peak weddings?

Can we provide a list of photos for you to take?

Can we add something to our package?

Can we remove something from our package?

Can we pay you after the wedding?

What if you are ill on the day?

Can we hire you for longer on the day?

Can our friends and family take photos too?

Do you have backups?

Can you touch up photos in photoshop? Swap heads etc?

How many pictures will we get?

Do you edit the photos befoore we get them? How?

Can we have some photos in black & white/sepia?

When do I get my photos?

Do we get the negatives?

Do we get an online gallery?

What is the app that we get?