Every wedding is special and unique – yours included! It should be the goal of every photographer to treat it as such, so the process I use is an important tool to give you exactly that.

OK, so how does it all work?

The process, naturally, begins when you contact me to enquire about my services. From here, we will usually suggest for us to try and meet to discuss your wedding. An initial meeting is useful for several reasons, not least of all for the customer to get to know the photographer to discover if they are a good fit for each other. It is very important for a customer and photographer to get on well and should be the first priority for any Bride and Groom. I highly recommend you meet with every photographer you speak to before you book them – whether or not I am one of those said photographers (Though I sincerely hope that I am :-)

For the initial meeting, the ideal location is normally a café of some sort, as this is a relaxed, comfortable atmosphere for all involved. Once we meet, we can discuss your photography requirements, my packages, and any special considerations you have. There is no obligation for you to book me at this point – you can feel free to chat with other photographers and make your decision in your own time.

Should you decide to go ahead with us (Yay!), you would need to complete a booking form, and send a deposit to me to reserve the date of your wedding. I will also send you an information form for you to return, including details of times, locations, requested shots, etc, so we can plan properly for the big day. Further meetings here can also be arranged if you wish. The full payment will be due one month before the wedding date.

On the day of the wedding, any and all considerations should have been discussed and agreed beforehand.  I will have already visited the venue and have prepared extensively for the day. Therefore, there should be little more for me to do than document and enjoy your wedding day!

After the wedding day, the hard work for me really begins! I will be selecting, editing and processing photos up to a professional standard. You will receive your photos within three weeks of the wedding for proofing. I will also provide you with a form to fill in which photos you wish to use for your album or photobook. Once I receive the form, an album design will be created and sent to you in a further three weeks, in .pdf format for you to review. Any changes you wish to be made to the album design can be arranged at this point, and further revisions of the album will be sent to you if necessary. Once the design is approved, I can order the album and you will receive the finished album within two weeks.

That’s it!

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading, if you have any questions – please contact me. I look forward to hearing from you.