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What is a bridal session?

A bridal session is a chance for the bride to effectively “test run” her full wedding day attire before the wedding itself for a 1 hour photography session. Typically just the bride would be present, but it is fairly common to bring along other people such as the bridesmaids, family members, or even the groom. It is also common to hold a bridal session after the wedding – so they don't need to worry about getting the dress dirty – sometimes known as “trash the dress”.


Why have a bridal session?

The bride gets the chance to try the dress on and know that they are entirely happy with it for their wedding day – they may know that the dress fits, but will they be happy walking in it for several hours on the wedding day? It's also an opportunity to do likewise for hair and make-up. But also, it's a chance to gain some amazing photos that could not have otherwise been obtained on the wedding day itself. Weddings can be over in a flash, and it can be difficult to fit in all the beautiful photos you want – imagine the amazing photos you could get in a bridal session!


When and where should I have the bridal session then?

Although you could hold a bridal session whenever you like, many brides like to take it right after having done the test run for their hair and make-up.

As for where to hold the bridal session – absolutely anywhere you like! You could go for an urban setting or a remote quiet area – perhaps the beautiful garden down the road that you just couldn't get to on the wedding day, the majestic river nearby – the possibilities are endless. Please contact us if you'd like some further ideas or advice.


Any other recommendations?

As mentioned above, you can bring someone with you – make sure you are comfortable with them. They don't necessarily need to be in the photos, you may just prefer them there for help and support.

If you have your bouquet, you can bring this along, though it isn't strictly necessary. Any other props may also enhance the experience.


What's included?

A CD/DVD of all the photos from the session, and an online photo gallery.