Hi! I’m Dave.

I’m a family man - easy-going, energetic, and a hopeless romantic. 💞

I got married in 2008 to my amazing wife Kelly.

I love weddings. I especially loved my own of course. But I didn’t really want to stop there.

I then discovered a love for photography.

You can see where this is going right? 😉

Anyone who’s seen me photograph a wedding knows I get a little excited. After all, how many happier days should you have in your life? It’s the ultimate celebration of love and happiness, and it’s an honour to be able to document both the day and your love story together.

(Photo credit: LNZPhoto)

My job is to enhance your wedding day experience. I love taking amazing photos of you both and your guests of course. But it is still your wedding and I will never intrude or boss you around. Your wedding day is special, and I will always treat it as such.

I cover Essex, Hertfordshire and North London primarily, but will consider jobs pretty much anywhere. If you think we’d like each other – please contact me.

You can email me,

[email protected]

or call me on 07810 563838. I’d love to share a Coffee and chat about your loves, lives and your wedding (with no obligation whatsoever).